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Special Needs Educational Videos 0

Special Needs Educational Videos

Special Needs Educational Videos help Spread a Message of Acceptance:   ” Special Books by Special Kids” What an amazing soul “Mr. Chris” Ulmer is, and an inspiration to others!  I recently came...

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Give Hope Comments Off on Give Hope

Give Hope

There was no script, just true stories and raw emotion… Give Hope Foundation was established as a non profit corporation in early 2005. As a volunteer operated non-profit organization, they provide support to children and…

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NEXEO Comments Off on NEXEO


Who knew Plastics and Chemical engineers could have so much fun! NEXEO Solutions, a leading Plastics and Chemical Company recently came to Central Florida for their National Convention, held at the Grande…

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Tom DeLuca Comments Off on Tom DeLuca

Tom DeLuca

Laugh uncontrollably, quack like a duck… Tom DeLuca is a leader in the art of hypnosis! His talents in the corporate world have been recognized nationally for many years. Tom is always redefining his talents and sculpting his shows to…

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