Give Hope


There was no script, just true stories and raw emotion…

Give Hope Foundation was established as a non profit corporation in early 2005. As a volunteer operated non-profit organization, they provide support to children and families in Central Florida who are battling childhood cancer and have a unique combination of medical, emotional and financial needs.

When this inspiring foundation wanted to create a moving video to share their mission and tell potential donors what they were all about, they came to us to help with this special project. The foundation asked the patients and their families to share their emotional stories and tell how the Give Hope Foundation helped them through their difficult journeys.

We sat down and collaborated to help their vision come to life. We refined their outline, added dramatic, but subtle lighting, and found the perfect chair and location, to create a setting where the families and their stories were the focus. We had the participants wear black to keep the focus on their faces. When a person tells a story about a very scary situation regarding a beloved family member emotions surface. There was no script, just true stories and raw emotion.

It was a humbling day to film these stories and hear how vulnerable a family can be under the most heart wrenching situations, yet inspirational to learn how the Give Hope Foundation can be so selfless and so helpful, both financially and emotionally with all that they do. We were happy to give them a beautiful video to share their mission.

The foundation shared the video at their gala fundraiser with much success!

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