Special Needs Educational Videos


Special Needs Educational Videos help Spread a Message of Acceptance:  

” Special Books by Special Kids”

What an amazing soul “Mr. Chris” Ulmer is, and an inspiration to others!  I recently came across a Facebook post a friend shared and I clicked to watch the video, which led to watching other videos and exploring who this guy was and what these videos were all about.  I discovered that these special needs educational videos were about love, acceptance, teaching, sharing, caring and helping others to learn about why children and adults with special needs are just like you and me – they want to be understood and feel a part of the world – they want to connect with others and feel that what they do is meaningful and that they are just like you and me, but in a different package. 

Special Needs Educational Videos

Special Books by Special Kids

Mr. Chris as his students or “friends” call him, is a special needs teacher in Jacksonville, Florida who cares so passionately and is so dedicated to his students that he started a blog called, “Special Books by Special Kids” as a means to share his Special Needs Educational Videos.  Mr. Chris uses his self made videos to share his lessons in the classroom and interviews he conducts with his “friends” and their families.  He posts these videos to help educate people about accepting and understanding those with autism for example, and other special needs. His videos empower the young people to share their stories and messages of how they want people to look at them or how they live their lives on a day to day basis.  The videos are going viral and he is spreading awareness and acceptance by sharing them on Facebook and on his blog.

The Power of  Video reached out to me and lured me in to watch and learn about something I may not have stopped to read about, had it not been for the video  attached to the message. I encourage you to watch his videos – your heart will be touched and you may even have a tear or a chuckle.

I thank Mr. Chris Ulmer for your spirt and love for your “friends” and your dedication to teaching others about love and acceptance for people with special needs. You have touched many lives and you ARE making a difference  and educating others through Special Needs Educational Videos……THE POWER OF VIDEO really does help amplify your message!

At BullHorn Media, we have helped many businesses share their message through the power of video and encourage you to use this method of communication in your branding and marketing – the power of video really does capture ones attention.

To find out more about “Special Books by Special Kids”, go to http://www.specialbooksbyspecialkids.com

and   https://www.facebook.com/specialbooksbyspecialkids/videos/715700955198554/



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